During the last Cannes Film Festival in may 2013, I had the opportunity to buy one "EOS 60Da" body dedicated to astrophotography. "Sky is the limit" is the result of my first test of this body, shot during my last summer holidays in Greece. I've shot only in time-lapse mode using several exposures and ISO sensitivities.
The sun, the moon, the stars and clouds became the main characters of this small clip during two weeks with the chance to live the full moon night !
Regarding the postproduction, all was made with Adobe CC apps thanks to Premiere and After effects.
It's also my first association with the French famous musician & DJ Sébastien Devaud (Agoria), my namesake who allowed me to use his song "les Violons Ivres" as the soundtrack of this time-lapse movie.
Thanks Seb !

Shot and edited by Sébastien Devaud with Canon EOS 60Da and Adobe CC
Music Courtesy of Sébastien Devaud (Agoria) "Les Violons ivres" © 2007
2014©Bigsensors & Films



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