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Filter Tests

The following videos are filter tests with our various contrast and diffusion filters on a few different cameras.


Schneider Optics MPTV Classic Soft filter test on the Black Magic Cinema Camera
The BMCC has a Super 35mm Sensor

Schneider has developed a subtle and effective softening filter that can be used freely without fear of compromising the high quality of contemporary lenses. Schneider Classic Soft filters are made possible by state-of-the-art optical technology and a proprietary Schneider manufacturing technique. In the normal range of exposure, this filter imparts only a closely confined, very subtle glow to highlights. If large amounts of over-exposure exist in a scene, like a blown window, Classic Soft filters add a stylish glow that keeps the scene’s contrast under control, while adding a romantic look.
As with all Schneider optical glass filters, Classic Soft filters are designed for use in front of long lenses, singly or in combination, for even greater creative control.



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