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Filter Tests

The following videos are filter tests with our various contrast and diffusion filters on a few different cameras.


Schneider Optics MPTV Black Frost filter test on the Black Magic Cinema Camera
The BMCC has a Super 35mm Sensor

Black Frost filters enable cinematographers to capture blacker blacks than possible with similar type filters. Shooters achieve a unique image styling that can be applied freely, without fear of having scenes appear heavy handed. Thanks to proprietary Schneider design & manufacturing techniques, Black Frost filters contain thousands of MicroPore™ particles, which introduce precise amounts of light diffraction while controlling stray light and flare— like never before.
MicroPore particles control the degree of diffusion in a predictable and repeatable manner. By eliminating excessive light scatter & veiling glare associated with other makes, Black Frost filters enable extraordinary control and convenience.
Black Frost filters can be used in front of long lenses, alone, or combined with other Schneider filters.



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