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48 Hour Human Timelapse

Timelapses are a beautiful and modern interpretation of our world in motion. It has become common place in cinematography and some pioneers have travelled the world capturing our cityscapes with extreme dedication. We decided to do our own timelapse piece, with a difference.

At 0630 on Thursday 4th March 2010 we began the 48 Hour Timelapse of a human subject with the Canon 5D Mark II and TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller. We finished at 0630 on Saturday 6th March 2010.

After getting involved with the Belfast4Haiti event Rick from redskyni.com and I wanted to do something extra to raise awareness in our social and business circles to hopefully get people talking about the Haiti and Chile disaster. So we dedicated the piece to help raise funds for both countries and all money will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee justgiving.com/belfast4haiti.

You can read my interpretation of the event by viewing the Scattered Images blog http://tiny.cc/rjNCv

For a more technical view of the project, click on the following link to navigate to Rick Trainor's blog http://tiny.cc/Y9vYf

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