To Lose Control

I'm happy to announce that my self funded short film 'To Lose Control' is now online. Thanks again to the Cast and Crew, Family and Friends who made this possible for me. Your generosity will not be forgotten.

Based on a true story. After nearly ten years of military service including operations in several war zones, a former elite soldier struggles to deal with P.T.S after leaving the armed forces. He decides to find a cure and explores a treatment method of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing before he loses control completely.

A Visionworks Television and Scattered Images Production
Written and Directed by Marty Stalker


Chris Draper - Chris Patrick Simpson
Susan Williams - Maggie Cronin
Gav Mitchell - Paul Kennedy
Caroline Draper - Roisin Gallagher
Afghan Policeman #1 - Fergus Boyle
Afghan Policeman #2 - John Shayegh
L/CPL Thompson - Steven Aldridge
Marine Wilson - Paul Livingstone
Marine Millar - Stephen Foster
SGT Johnston - Jim Sherrard
Delinquent #1 - Denis Halligan
Delinquent #2 - Chris Heath
Daughter - Katie Stalker
Cantankerous Customer - Richard Doubleday
Waitress - Rachel Murray
Bartender - Tim Austin
Barmaid - Eileen Tracey
Cafe Customer #1 - Johnny Morgan
Cafe Customer #2 - Naseen Morgan
Cafe Customer #3 - Karen Dodds
Cafe Customer #4 - Niamh McGuigan
Cafe Customer #5 - Stephen Barrett
Train Passenger - Caroline Simpson


First Assistant Director - Tim Austin
Director of Photography - Jim Crone
Additional Photography - Marty Stalker
Camera - Campbell Millar
Assistant Camera - Paul Livingstone
Sound Recordist - Nathan McKee
Make Up & SFX Make Up - Dana Kane
Pryotechnics & SFX Make Up - Steven Templeton
Pryotechincs - Ryan McNeill
Clapper Loader - Eileen Tracey
Props - Ciaran Larkin
Military Costume & Props - Jim Sherrard
Editor - Marty Stalker
Offline Editor - Kat Green
VFX - Factory Pictures
VFX Producer - Victoria Farley
VFX Line Producer - Michael Shaw
VFX Artist - Ken Graham
VFX Artist - Michelle McKeating
VFX Artist - Liam Lavery
Artwork & Design - Chris McClenaghan
Score - Adam R. McCausland
Foley - David Baxter
Sound Design - Warp and Woof
5.1 Re-recording mix and ADR - Ka-boom Post Production

Performed by Jason Singh
Copyright Jason Singh

'The Soul's Reward'
Performed by Jason Singh
Copyright Jason Singh

Martin Byrne & Adam McCausland

'Collapse Of Balance'
Martin Byrne and Adam McCausland

Special Thanks

Bill & Pam Stalker
Danielle Stalker
Sylvia Buet & John Dunlop
Anapsys Counselling
Ben Mitchell
The Pavillion Bar, Belfast
Alpha Quarry Products Limited
Billy Murray
Patrick Millar
Adam Gillian
Ciaran McGuinness
Jay Dee
Jamie Sherrard
Mark Campbell
Kyle & Vince
Andrew Graham
Jamroom NI
Causeway Pictures
Chris Patterson
Paddy McCarney