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'To Lose Control' Trailer

After nearly ten years of military service including operations in several war zones, a former elite soldier struggles to deal with P.T.S.D. after leaving the armed forces. He decides to find a cure and explores a controversial treatment of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing before he loses control completely.

A Visionworks Television Production visionworks.co.uk/
Written and Directed by Marty Stalker

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Starring Chris Patrick Simpson, Maggie Cronin, Roisin Gallagher, Paul Kennedy, Denis Halligan, Paul Livingstone, John Shayegh, Fergus Boyle, Richard Doubleday, Steven Aldridge, Chris Heath, Rachel Murray, Stephen Foster and Jim Sherrard

Score by Adam R. McCausland and Sound Design by Warp and Woof warpandwoof.co.uk/