'Nuts and Robbers' Trailer

Robberies don’t always have to be planned. In this case, they don’t even have to make sense. Follow Micky as he attempts to hold up the wrong shop at the wrong time. A black-comedy, short film from Marty Stalker and Aidan Gault for The C Project scatteredimages.co.uk/the-c-project/

Starring Derek Halligan, Larry Cowan, Chris Heath, Denis Halligan and Lewis Malseed

Camera - Leo McGuigan
Sound - Conall Mclean
Production Photographs - Chris Huston chrishustonphoto.co.uk/

Music by Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson hatfitz.net/

Production Blog scatteredimages.co.uk/2012/03/20/short-film-nuts-robbers/