Factual & Narrative Work

Desecration Trailer

On a dark remote road a car is stopped at a military check point. Something isn't right and the Soldiers find themselves in a situation they could never understand with deadly consequences.

The third film from The C Project scatteredimages.co.uk/the-c-project and supported by Digital Circle digitalcircle.org/

A film by Alan McCracken & Marty Stalker
Originally written by David Withers
Screenplay- Alan McCracken & Marty Stalker
Produced- Alan McCracken & Marty Stalker

Production Company: Scattered Images scatteredimages.co.uk/
Facebook: facebook.com/ScatteredImages
Twitter: twitter.com/ScatteredImages
Blog Post about the production: scatteredimages.co.uk/2012/01/16/short-film-shoot-desecration/
Desecration Facebook Page: facebook.com/Desecrationthemovie

Chris Patrick Simpson
Tom Collins Wright
Matt Faris
Nigel Boyle
Stephen Foster
Belle McClenaghan
Paul Livingstone
Jim Sherrard
Campbell Millar
Annie Scott
Jennifer Lavery
Larry Cowan

First Assistant = Director Jonny Templeton
Original Music = Adam R. McCausland
Camera = Chris McClenaghan, Sam Kwam, Aidan Gault, Aidan Largey
Steadicam Operator = Cathal Hegarty
Lighting Technicians = Rick Trainor & Campbell Millar
Assistant Lighting Technician = Andrew Burns
Make Up Department = Dana Kane & Joeleen Ballance
VFX = Alan Stewart
Pyrotechnics & SFX = Stephen Templeton
SFX Assistant = Bennet Warden
Props = Ciaran Larkin
Military Props & Costume = Jim Sherrard
Military Advisor = Carl Wright
Storybord Artist = David Withers
Clapperboard Loader = Sinead Darragh
Runner / Driver = El Porter
Catering = Lydia Kim & Rebecca Withers

Behind The Scenes Photography = Chris Huston, Kathleen McCreesh, Ricky McQuillan, Simon Mills and Janine Walker
Behind The Scenes Videography = Sam & Danielle Kwam
BTS with Directors vimeo.com/39452430
BTS with Adam McCausland (Music and Sound Design)

Music & Sound Design = Adam R. McCausland
Voice of the Banshee = Amber Morrison & Amy Best
Audio Post Production = Warp & Woof warpandwoof.co.uk/
Editor = Marty Stalker
Post Production = Scattered Images scatteredimages.co.uk/

Digital Circle, Odeon Cinema, Visionworks Television Ltd, Toy Soldiers Airsoft, Belvoir Forest Park, Paul Summerville, The McCrackens, Noel Guthrie, The Withers, Julian Duncan, John & Barry Cochrane, William Cully, Steve McCorkell, Jude McCaffrey, Joe McStravick, Larry Cowan, Danielle Stalker, Laurence Lavery