Factual & Narrative Work

'LOZIBA' Teaser

The Documentary Series will follow a Zulu community, former British military veterans and South African landowners who must overcome past rivalries to turn a remote 40,000-hectare area of Kwa-Zulu-Natal into one of the best community-owned Game Reserves in the region.

Each episode will be split between the day to day struggle of changing the brutal Loziba wilderness into a professional business and the training of the local Zulu villagers into an Anti-Poaching Unit named the Loziba Scouts.

Each day will bring fresh problems to all camps and not every villager will make the Ranger grade. The reintroduction of both White and Black Rhino by the World Wildlife Fund will inevitably attract highly resourced and skilled poachers. So, it’s up to the veterans to train the locals to the highest possible standards because if they don’t, the Zulu villagers could pay the ultimate price.

Project Status: Seeking finance for mid-2020 production.

Contact Details:
Marty Stalker, Producer/ Director +447872301586 / marty@scatteredimages.co.uk

James Glancy, Producer +447872606571 / jamesglancy@gmail.com

Music: 'Creation of Earth' by DeKibo from premiumbeat.com