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'LOZIBA' Sizzle Reel

What does it take to set up a brand-new nature reserve on 40,000 hectares of beautiful, pristine South African bushland, packed with some of the most amazing wildlife on earth?

Well, first you need to bring together local communities, leaders, farmers and the government to acquire the land. Meanwhile, you need to install more than a hundred miles of heavy-duty fencing over mountains, through valleys and forests; you have to train up a bunch of keen young people into a heavily armed anti-poaching unit; tag and track the native elephant herd to stop them eating the local farmers’ crops; set camera traps to keep an eye on the local predators; capture and crate up to 20 rhinos and transport them hundreds of miles to form a new protected herd. Finally, you are going to need some tourists to come to start paying back the investment. Simple.

Project Status: Seeking finance for mid-2020 production.

Contact Details:
Marty Stalker, Producer/ Director +447872301586 / marty@scatteredimages.co.uk

James Glancy, Producer +447872606571 / jamesglancy@gmail.com

Music: 'All is Not Lost' by Tony Anderson from Musicbed