Presentations by the P. T. Council, various PTAs, and the Drug and Alcohol Task Force

  1. PTC Screen Smart Parenting 2018-11-01

    Dr. Jodi Gold weaves together scientific knowledge and every day practical advice to help parents and educators foster a healthy relationship with technology.

    0:00:00 Introduction and Overview
    0:07:42 Identify Your Parenting Style and Technology Diet
    0:16:50 Topics and Trends
    0:22:15 Sleep, Multitasking, Privacy
    0:29:29 Addiction, Video Games, Selfies/Body Image
    0:41:11 Social Media as Developmental Challenge
    0:47:01 Digital Technology
    0:53:24 Develop a Plan
    1:00:43 Summary
    1:02:35 Q&A

    The Gold Center for Mind Health and Wellness
    1130 Park Avenue, Suite 3
    New York NY

  2. The Dangers of Drugged Driving

    Officer Jack Britto of the Westchester County Dept. of Public Safety, discusses the health, legal, and financial ramifications when caught drugged driving. Presented by the Scarsdale Drug and Alcohol Task Force, which is part of the Scarsdale-Edgemont Family Counseling Service. Recorded Oct. 5, 2018.