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Education Reports

Board of Education meeting Education presentations and videos.

  1. Technology and Innovation 2019-03-25

    Jerry Crisci, Director of Technology.

  2. Scarsdale Science and Math K-2 2018-12-17

    An Exploration of the Changing Skills, Understandings, Practices, and Mindsets in our Modern Classrooms.

  3. Wellness and Sustainability 2019-04-29

    An update on Scarsdale Wellness and Sustainability with a focus on the Middle School Core Program.

  4. Social-Emotional Learning 2019-01-28

    Eric Rauschenbach, Director of Special Education.

  5. Using Critical and Creative Thinking to Learn "Kafka" 2012-10

    Sue Silver, English teacher. For the October 22, 2012 Board meeting.

  6. Elementary Science: Inquiry Method and Performance Assessment 2012-01

    Jennifer Kiley, David Besancon at Fox Meadow. January 23, 2012 Board meeting.