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Lecture Series Spring/Summer 2014

Julio César Morales

February 21, 2014

Los Halfies

Employing a range of media and visual strategies, artist, educator, and curator Julio César Morales explores issues of migration, underground economies, and labor, on personal and global scales. Morales works by whatever means necessary: In an indelible series of watercolor illustrations, he diagramed means of human trafficking in passenger vehicles, while in other projects he has employed the DJ turntable, neon signs, the historical reenactment of a famous meal, or the conventions of an artist-run gallery to explore social interaction and political perspectives. Morales has shown at the Lyon Biennale; Istanbul Biennale; Singapore Biennale; Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany; and is participating in the forthcoming Prospect 3 Biennale in New Orleans. He is the founder/director and co-curator of Queens Nails, an artist-run project space in San Francisco, and is currently the curator of visual arts at Arizona State University Art Museum.

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