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Paulomi & Kunal | Santorini

We’re very excited to share with you this gorgeous Indian Wedding all the way from the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini.

With our 4-person photo & cinema team flying over from the UK, we only met our New York-based couple for the first time three days before their wedding. It was evident immediately on meeting them what a brilliant couple they make, and the strong connection they share. From the moment we hit the volcanic seas for a traditional pre-wedding Hindu Ceremony aboard a Greek sailing boat, to when we left the couple dancing the night away at the Sangeet, I don’t think Paulomi stopped smiling. Her happiness was infectious and a reflection of the great love Paulomi & Kunal share.

We were honoured to have been part of Paulomi & Kunal’s three-day wedding celebrations, which culminated in the wedding ceremony taking place at the luxurious Rocabella, followed by fireworks and a ‘dance the night away’ beach party at Anemos.

Santorini is quite simply a stunning island and a perfect setting together with the added vibrance of a Hindu Wedding; sunny climate, hospitable people, breathtaking views and full of romance!

Enjoy the cinematic short film, followed by the photos from this magical wedding: