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Classic Sailing Films

We've restored several classic sailing films from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's.

600 Days, Pt2: Cocos to the Galapagos Islands

Running Time: 65 minutes
Theater Edition Restoration with added special features

A film by Gene and Josie Evans
Completed in 1976, this two part sailing documentary was shot in 16mm color film by noted Hollywood cinematographer, Gene Evans, cameraman for "Roots" the miniseries, and feature films including "Jeremiah Johnson," and "Lady Sings the Blues". The film has been restored and converted to HD video.

Part 2 takes us from Costa Rica, where the couple's son, Ron joins them for an offshore passage to the mysterious and uninhabited Cocos Island. Along the way they have a close encounter with whales, hook a shark, and ghost through the doldrums. On the 8th day, they site Cocos Island and make a dramatic anchorage. Ashore, they discover signs of previous visitors carved into rocks and explore the dense rainforest. After several weeks, they set sail for the Galapagos Islands lying 450 miles southwest at the equator. There they visit several atolls where Darwin's discoveries led to his theory of evolution. Finally, they sail home on a nonstop 40 day, 4,000 mile ocean voyage to San Diego.

Watch part 1: To Cocos Island at
for Gene and Josie's voyage south down the Baja, Mexico, and Central American coastline to Costa Rica then offshore to Cocos Island.

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