We ride our bikes to help people get water and sanitation for life.

We are a group of people who want to help fight the worldwide water crisis by hopping on our bicycles to raise funding and awareness. We partner with businesses and non-profit organizations who want to create positive change by leveraging collective resources and influence, bringing water and sanitation training to people for life. There is always something that can be done to help, and we welcome you to help alongside us.

If you would like to support Wheels4Water as we start our 2017 adventure and ride from September 10-20 to serve thousands in Uganda, go to the website to make a donation: give.lifewater.org/events/wheels-4-water-2017/e108439

Wheels4Water Team Story: Change

Dave Weller is one of the Wheels4Water's new riders this year. In this video, Dave shares about his heart for alleviating the global water crisis in partnership with Lifewater, as well as our goal to bring our four-year total impact to serve over 10,000 Africans. Support Dave and Wheels4Water by clicking here: give.lifewater.org/fundraise?fcid=954921