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RSM Journeys

RSM Canada prides itself in providing its talent with a unique experience to grow their careers – on a global scale. Aligning with our firm values of teamwork, excellence and stewardship, the firm offers a myriad of talent and culture initiatives that allow its staff to become first-choice advisors to the middle market through:

- Cultivation of genuine collaboration between lines of business, industry groups and RSM International firms,
- Sharing and implementation of best practices globally, and
- Development of their technical, soft- and leadership skills.

Not confined within the boundaries of their office, our employees regularly engage and exchange ideas with their global colleagues. We see your career as your journey to own. Hear more about our talent experience below.

  1. Meet Taimur, world traveler and risk consultant

    Meet Taimur, traveler and risk consultant. Hear how his passion for traveling shapes his perspective.

  2. Meet Sierra, auditor and ice hockey player

    Meet Sierra, auditor and ice hockey player. Hear how her passion for hockey shapes her perspective, which strengthens our team and enhances the insights we provide to our middle market clients. Visit to learn more.

  3. RSM Journeys – Rhonda Klosler, national chief operating officer

    Rhonda Klosler, national chief operating officer, tells us what excites her about RSM’s culture and how it empowers our staff to become first-choice advisors, through initiatives like the Faces of RSM.

    For more information on recent talent initiatives, visit:

  4. RSM Journeys – Bryon Smith, HR director

    Bryon Smith, HR director, shares his pride in RSM’s talent experience platforms, including the recent RSM Academy, and how these initiatives empower staff to own their future.
    For more information about our recent talent initiatives, visit:

  5. Journey to becoming a Face of RSM

    Four of our employees are excited to board the plane for a professional photoshoot in London, UK, to become one of the Faces of RSM – learn how they felt when they heard about this initiative and what this means to them professionally and personally. About the Faces of RSM: RSM International invites staff from across the globe to a professional photoshoot to become a representative of RSM. The imagery taken at these photoshoots is leveraged on all marketing materials of the RSM global brand, bringing authenticity to the brand’s marketing by showing actual employees.

  6. The Journey to the RSM Academy

    Sean McNama shares with us his excitement about going to the RSM Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in June 2018.