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Films by Ron Lagerlof

Shot on RED cameras - Epic, Scarlet and Red One.

  1. A Good Planet...

    This is my 2014 video reel. Shot on RED Epic MX and Epic Dragon cameras in some of the most amazing waters of the planet - Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Mexico (Pacific and Atlantic), Tonga and the Maldives. This film has recently been selected to screen at the San Diego Undersea Film Exposition.

  2. The Epic Deep

    Shot entirely on RED cameras, from RED One to Epic to Epic Monochrome, this film chronicles two years of traveling the world and capturing the beauty of the underwater realm. I'm pleased to present this here on Vimeo and proud to say that it has won acclaim being shown at both the Oceans13 conference this year and the San Diego Undersea Film Exposition.

  3. Hammerheads of Bimini

    Shot February 2013 in Bimini, Bahamas on RED Epic and Epic-Monochrome. 5K, 24fps base, 36 & 48 fps film rate. Thanks to Stuart Cove, John Ellerbrock (Gates), and the folks at RED Digital Cinema and RED Studios Hollywood. Music by Proteus Noir, licensed from Getty Images Music.

  4. Dhara Muli - Manta Cleaning Station

    We spent two weeks in Baa Atoll, Maldives on the MV Manthiri attempting to reprise my footage of the Manta Ray Aggregation of 2010 with the RED Epic. Apart from a couple of late afternoon feeding frenzies in deeper, darker waters we spent most of our days at this great cleaning station at Dhara Muli. The rays were extremely cooperative and I shot several passed at my go to 36 fps (24 fps playback) as well as 48 fps and 96 fps.

  5. Bonaire 2013

    Shot during the Digital Shootout, sponsored in part by Backscatter, June 15-28, 2013. Shot entirely on RED Epic this is the first use of the new Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f2.8 lens with Canon mount. Music by Pat Metheny "Mastema" from the album "Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Vol. 20"

  6. Green Turtle in Little Cayman

    This very young green turtle was shot on RED Epic in a Gates Deep Epic housing in Little Cayman during the Digital Shootout of 2012. Shot at 5K 2:1, ISO 800, RC 8:1, using the Nikon Mount Tokina 10-17 lens and a very low amount of fill light from a pair of Light and Motion Sola 4000s. Music is James Newton Howard "Katniss Afoot" from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

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