ROJO®NOVA Cinemateca Brasileira #1

NOVA is a multi-dimensional, contemporary culture exhibition. An interactive, full-environmental experience utilizing color, light, textures, music and design, in the form of collaborative and integrated art compositions by a wide range of artists from around the world. From hand-made illustrations to large scale murals to modern digital art; moving image to multimedia & sound convergence, art will be made without the limitations or restrictions of traditional format and will rely heavily on the magic of live improvisation. During this constantly evolving and mutating exhibition, the creative process will be witnessed as an ongoing work in progress rife with experimentation, challenging traditional and contemporary techniques and the bending of modern technology.

This new edition/evolution of ®NOVA is a multi-dimensional event focusing on story telling. An interactive, full-environmental experience featuring color, light, projections, music and space, in the form of cinematic installations. Renowed artists from around the world create a 30 to 45 minute movie in order to be shown as an installation. This installation will experiment with its surrounding space, featuring several screens and the many combinations between them to tell a story, and to push the perception of the audience. While the ready made film is showing, the artists must film a second part of the story live, while the film is being shown. The audience is part of this second part, being part (or not) of the final movie. The objective is to descontextualize the cinema experience, and generate a full entertaiment experience where public comes to enjoy a movie, but also to be part of it in all its possible different levels.

Music by Taras300 and B.Fleischmann