Kirk Caouette

Stunt Man, Stunt Supervisor - on some of the biggest Motion Pictures you know and award winning Director

Kirk Couette - Director

Kirk Caouette is a multi award winning Canadian film maker, classical composer, singer-songwriter, veteran Martial Arts Choreographer, and award winning actor.

As a former full time stuntman, Kirk learned to direct by shooting and editing pre-vis's for countless fight scenes in some of Hollywoods biggest block busters and most memorable direct to DVD action films. For years Kirk and his team worked in the shadows, designing, performing, and shooting your favourite action sequences, until finally in 2012, Kirk stepped out with his directorial debut - the multiple award winning feature film musical HIT ‘N STRUM.

Hit 'n Strum has so far captured Three National Film Festival Awards, a runner up for the People's Choice Award at the Whistler International Film Festival, two LEO nominations, and a People's Choice Award at the Bay Street Film Festival. The film also had a surprisingly successful 9 week theatrical run in Canadian Theatres where CINEPLEX held it over an impressive six times.