Derek Case

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a few cold Pops thrown in for good measure

Food and Drink - Sizzle Reel

Some of Derek's best pieces of both Drink and Food. Check out his Spots reel for the full story.

Derek has developed a worldwide client-base thanks to the broad exposure of the internet and the reputation of his unrivalled cinematography. His years of experience with high-speed cinematography and his creativity allow him to produce fantastic images with Digital Camera Systems - previously unattainable without a huge budget. Derek works from his own custom built digital studio and sees his work as project based not pieces to be crammed into a single day. He is never reluctant to experiment on spec to help convince weary clients of his concepts. Derek has earned a very loyal client-base and shoots in the United States, Canada, Mexico as well as in Europe. Recently, Russian agencies especially like his work, where his talent is a regular source for food and beer shoots.