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Using your Rocket® IPC™ drainage bottle pack at home...

Here is our video guide for using your Rocket® IPC drainage bottle pack at home

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  1. Caring for your Rocket® IPC™ Peritoneal Drainage Catheter

    Guidance for Community Nurse, Carers and Patients
    Caring for your Rocket® Peritoneal IPC™ Catheter - fluid drainage and dressing guidance.

  2. Using the Rocket® IPC™ bottle & bag adapter

    How to attach other indwelling catheter types to the Rocket® IPC™ bottle and bag wtih the adapter supplied in your kit

  3. Rocket IPC Patient Drainage Instructional Video - US

  4. Caring for your Rocket® IPC™ Pleural Drainage Catheter

    This short animated video is designed for patients and carers and will show you how to prepare, drain and care for your Rocket® IPC™ Drainage Catheter