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Our overarching goal is to create cinematic and photographic art which to connects couples, families and friends across oceans and through time. Photographic art allows one to share or remember the details of significant moments in life but cinematic art allows one to experience again the feelings which made those moments so important.

Sixteen Candles for Vishva

The film highlights a beautiful Gatlinburg 16 Candle celebration for Vishva and gives us a snapshot into her wonderful personality and physical beauty as she is beginning the next chapters in her life. Her words express the great love and appreciation she has for her friends and family which clearly flows in both directions. I was very impressed with her intelligence and kind heart and cannot help to cheer for her success going forward. As the years go by, I hope this film will be a reminder to all of the love and joy that was shared during the event. The celebration was hosted Vishva's family and parents Nimesh and Kalindi Patel at the Quality in Event Center in downtown Galinburg in Dec 2019. Photos can be found here:

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