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Our overarching goal is to create cinematic and photographic art which to connects couples, families and friends across oceans and through time. Photographic art allows one to share or remember the details of significant moments in life but cinematic art allows one to experience again the feelings which made those moments so important.

2018 Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk

Over the last 10 years, the annual Knoxville Dogwood Art’s Chalk Walk street painting festival has become one of Knoxville’s largest and most loved community events. With over 25,000 people attending it is Dogwood Arts largest event of the year. This short film, narrated by Jim Dodson, artists and art students offers us some insight into why this event has become cornerstone of Knoxville culture and continues to grow in popularity year after year. We have also captured here, , the fleeting beauty of the artwork in pictures. This short film features music by Orkestrated, creative input from Stephanie Aldrich, producer PBS Knoxville and was shot entirely with a single camera, a canon 5d.

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