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Our overarching goal is to create cinematic and photographic art which to connects couples, families and friends across oceans and through time. Photographic art allows one to share or remember the details of significant moments in life but cinematic art allows one to experience again the feelings which made those moments so important.

50 Years of Love

Possibly one of the greatest love stories we have ever told in this short film. In the process of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Harish and Nalini managed to communicate to a hundred or so friends and family the power of 50 years of love which they share with each other, their amazing family and a very large group of Knoxville friends. Myself, Nelya and I am sure most people in attendance were uplifted and inspired by their beautiful story which so eloquently reminded us about how powerful love can be in creating happiness for themselves and everyone around them. There is something so emotionally and spiritually exhilarating about hearing a great love story told from the perspective of 50 years. Congratulations to Harish and Nalini!

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