"For Mopomoso" Robert Appleton with John Russell, Mia Zabelka and Glen Hall

John Russell is one of the world's leading guitarist - composer - teachers and presenters of new music. He is also founder of the great British avant garde music organization Mopomoso.

"I asked Robert Appleton to create a composition for episode 3 of Mopomoso TV. He developed a visual music piece in which Glen Hall (electronics) and Mia Zabelka (violin/voice) made free improvisation together with concatenated parts of a recording of my improvised guitar which I sent to Bob. He put all of this together into visual music with the sounds of his own voice, and visual textures in his software vorTEX. This is really a unique piece of visual music.” – John Russell

"I am so grateful for John's support. If my work has any meaning for him, I'm thrilled!" It was a great pleasure to work again with Mia and Glen. RA

1920 x 1280 60 fps h265