A sequence of 3 visual music improvisations modify a single recording of frogs mating.

This video sequence of my improvisations modifies sound with visual timbre. When I made this triptych of Kenneth Newby's soundscape and sent it to him he agreed that I should publish it.

A famous haiku by Matsuo Basho (one of Japan’s greatest poets) written in 1686, employs a language of visual music, rarely seen or heard. It was re-translated in contemporary language by Alan Watts in 1965 as: the old pond / a frog jumps in / plop! The structure of 7 words and a sound - completes a thought resonating with multiple meanings in 3 modalities – visual, aural and textual. Basho’s haiku is also the introduction to my thesis at York University “vorTEX (visual aural textual) A single multimedia language of words, pictures and sounds mediated by technology” to be published in June.

Robert Appleton visual music.
with Kenneth Newby's soundscape.