A collection featuring trailers of past projects as well as a series of experimental films produced by Road's End Films, all in HD format. For more information, please visit our website.

FORESTS OF MYSTERY: A story of adventure & suspense told through a handheld camera (trailer)

Follow the adventures of undergraduate forest research students Dewey Lansing and Jeff Collins as they try to piece together the strange and unusual anomalies that have been happening deep inside the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Armed with just a video camera and their determination, these two friends venture into the great unknown, prepared to discover the truth behind what is really going on out there. Watch as they unravel a mystery that begins at their university and continues through a used book store, the property of a crazy man, and a old loggers museum before finally dumping them into the thick of danger. Will they make it out alive and unscathed?

In this original story of adventure, mystery , suspense and even a little bit of humor, anything can happen and anything goes. Expect the unexpected and the unexplained.