RIVER FUND is a leading Poverty Frontline Center serving more than 40 zipcodes in all five boroughs of New York City. We confront material hardship with (1) Weekly Groceries, (2) Benefits Access and Stabilization Programs, and (3) Support and Education Pathways from Cradle to College.

RIVER FUND Will Help Familes By Housing Their Elderly

Due to the shortage of proper housing in New York City, in poor families, children are becoming the primary caregivers for the elderly. This caregiver role is sabotaging their ability to complete their education and break the multigenerational cycle of poverty. RIVER FUND is responding to this challenge by launching new Senior Supportive Housing aimed at depressurizing the situation in such families: Our objective is to help families and provide proper care and dignity for their aged. This will free the children to pursue the education they need to be successful in the future and pull their families and neighborhoods forward.