RIVER FUND is a leading Poverty Frontline Center serving more than 40 zipcodes in all five boroughs of New York City. We confront material hardship with (1) Weekly Groceries, (2) Benefits Access and Stabilization Programs, and (3) Support and Education Pathways from Cradle to College.

Katie's Challenge for Change Seeks 750 turkeys for the RIVER FUND

For Thanksgiving 2013, the RIVER FUND was selected by The Katie Curic Show as one of only five charities in the United States to benefit from Katie's Challenge for Change. For us, the show's challenge was to raise 750 turkeys to help us cover the shortfall for our Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway.
Every year, this effort helps some 2,000 families feel that they still matter—that they're still part of America—and can have a real Thanksgiving Dinner like everyone else.