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First Lutheran Church of Galveston

Come and visit the historical First Lutheran Church in Galveston! In addition to worship services on Saturday eve at 5:30 pm and Sunday morn at 10:30 am, we are the sponsors of the Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy and the annual Galveston Island Oktoberfest. Our Lyceum building is available for weddings, banquets, and special events. For more information, please visit:,,

  1. Grace Upon Grace

    As we read and think about the stories of the Bible, we can ask ourselves who we are in each of those stories. And also, if we look closely we can see how God offers His compassion over and over again, time after time, grace upon grace.

  2. Sacrament of Holy Baptism for Kenneth Benjamin Norris

    In our baptism our gracious heavenly Father frees us from sin and death by joining us to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today we welcomed Ken into our family of faith with his holy baptism! Welcome, Ken!

  3. The Power of Forgiveness

    In today's reading, Paul questions why we judge one another, since we all stand before the judgement of God. Yet we do sin against one another, and Jesus' challenge that we forgive seventy-seven times reveals God's BOUNDLESS mercy. When we hear the words of forgiveness in worship and sign ourselves with the cross, we are renewed in baptism to be signs of reconciliation in the world. Join us for worship each Saturday at 5:30pm or Sunday at 10:00am!

  4. 2017 Pillar of Church: Ron Hanson

    Ron Hanson received the "Pillar of Church" award for his outstanding time and leadership at First Lutheran Church of Galveston.

  5. "Sanctuary" by First Lutheran Church of Galveston String Ensemble

    Enjoy this beautiful string ensemble led by Kelsey Scheuerman at First Lutheran Church in Galveston, Texas! For more info, please visit:

  6. Love, Opinions, and Relationships

    It's simple human nature that people will NOT agree on everything. We like our opinions, we like to be right, and also we all like to be liked. But how exactly do we deal with things when they are not going...smoothly? The answer is by making relationships the most important thing. Jesus illustrated this concept of reaching out and forming relationships by embracing those who were outside of the "respected social norm" of His day: those non-Jews and those greedy tax collectors. Relationships are what matter most, Jesus taught us, not our opinions. It is love that makes our relationships grow and forgiveness that allows us to heal. Let us work together to love our neighbors and ourselves and learn what we CAN do and reach the fullness of everything that God wants us to be!