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Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy

Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sponsored by First Lutheran Church of Galveston that seeks to provide high-quality, low-cost music, art and drama education to Galveston youth. For more info:

  1. Solo Piano Performances

    Enjoy our young Fanfare piano soloists!

  2. Piano

    A wonderful piano performance by a young Fanfare student!

  3. Fanfare Jr.

    Fanfare Jr. enjoy music and movement under teacher Carol toombs.

  4. Hula Worship Dance

    In the Hula Worship Dance Class (ages 9-12), students learned Island style rhythm and movements ensemble.

  5. Glam Dance Class

    In this Glam Dance Class (ages 6-8), students learned Ballet Barre basics with on stage hair and makeup techniques to present a choreographed performance.

  6. Tiny Toes Dance to Tchaikovsky!

    Our youngest dancers learned basic ballet positions and techniques!