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Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy

Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sponsored by First Lutheran Church of Galveston that seeks to provide high-quality, low-cost music, art and drama education to Galveston youth. For more info:

  1. A Musical Montage of the Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy!

    Our mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost music, art, and drama classes to Galveston-area youth, and provide a loving, God-honoring environment that nurtures children in their development. Visit:

  2. Beginning Guitar

    These students have just completed their first guitar program and are now on their way to greater accomplishments!

  3. Violin

    Beginning violinists learning the basics for their new musical journey!

  4. Drums and Bass Guitar

    The young musicians are learning the basics of keeping a beat!

  5. Solo Piano Performances

    Enjoy our young Fanfare piano soloists!

  6. Piano

    A wonderful piano performance by a young Fanfare student!