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Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy

Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sponsored by First Lutheran Church of Galveston that seeks to provide high-quality, low-cost music, art and drama education to Galveston youth. For more info:

  1. Ballet Intro (Ages 2-5)

    Here is our youngest ballet dancers!

  2. Christmas Pageant: From Bach To Rock

    Presenting the Legendary Rock Band From Fanfare, aka From Bach To Rock!

  3. Percussion Presentation at Fanfare Christmas Pageant

    CHRISTMAS PAGEANT! Delightful performance by 2 of our enthusiastic young drummers. Under the assuring eye of teacher Edward Salinas, not even a dropped drumstick deters enthusiasm with his students! Thank you to all our teachers, students, parents, and First Lutheran volunteers who made this special night possible!

  4. Fanfare Singers

    The 2019 Fanfare Christmas Pageant

  5. Fanfare Sunday at First Lutheran

    Teacher Edward Salinas leads guitar students through the offering music presentation.

  6. Fanfare Singers at Holiday At The Park

    Our Fanfare Singers performed at Galveston's annual HOLIDAY IN THE PARK at Saengerfest Park!