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Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy

Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit organization sponsored by First Lutheran Church of Galveston that seeks to provide high-quality, low-cost music, art and drama education to Galveston youth. For more info:

  1. Fanfare Jr: "Thank You Lord"

    Enjoy Fanfare Jr's performance at the 2022 Spring Salon Concert. Fanfare Jr is Directed by Carol Toombs.

  2. Fanfare Singers at Grand Kids Festival 2022

  3. Fanfare Rockband at Grand Kids Festival 2022

  4. Fanfare Jr Dancers at Grand Kids Festival 2022

    Presented annually by The Grand 1894 Opera House, The Grand Kids Festival is an avenue to introduce children and their families to the performing, visual and folk arts. Visitors can look forward to exciting entertainment, a variety of fun, family-friendly activities and live performances.

  5. 2021 Christmas Part 3

    Here is our 3rd of 3 Christmas Concert Videos for 2021! Congratulations to all of our participating students for their hard work and dedication! Special thanks to our teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers who help make Fanfare! Lutheran Music Academy so great!

  6. 2021 Christmas Part 2.mp4

    Here is our Second of Three Christmas Concerts! We thank all of our aspiring students for their hard practice, the diligence of our teachers, and the support of all the parents and volunteers who make Fanfare a great program for music, art, and drama lessons here in Galveston!