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Adult Bible Study

Rev. Richard Rhoades (First Lutheran Church in Galveston) leads this 2022 Theology Class with the book "To The Christian Nobility of the German Nation" by Martin Luther. This book greatly transformed our culture and church into what it is today.

Luther was the leader of the Protestant Reformation, and this work is the first of three tracts written by him in 1520 and attacked the corruptions of the Church and the abuses of its authority, and asserted the right of the layman to spiritual independence.

Luther's 2nd tract was "Concerning Christian Liberty," where he expounded the doctrine of justification by faith, and gave a complete presentation of his theological position.

In his 3rd tract, "Babylonish Captivity of the Church," he criticized the sacramental
system, and set up the Scriptures as the supreme authority in religion.

Luther had published his German translation of the New Testament in 1522, and he and his collaborators completed the translation of the Old Testament in 1534, when the whole Bible was published. He continued to work on refining the translation until the end of his life.

  1. Treatise On Good Works: Week 1 - Sessions 1 & 2

    Luther's main goal was to commend a new, down-to-earth piety to all Christians. This piety was new, because at its center was a radically different meaning of good works that would transform how the believers practiced their faith.

  2. Treatise On Good Works: Week 2 - Session 3

    Join Rev. Rhoades in this Adult Bible Study on Martin Luther's clearest exposition on Christian life and the relationship between faith and good works. Luther taught that salvation does not depend on great acts of religious devotion, but rather that Christ saves them by grace through faith. No institution can truthfully define what it means for each individual to obey and serve God, and only through the grace of God can people live and act faithfully in their everyday affairs. These doctrines, foundational for Protestantism, have shaped both Christendom and culture at large. This essay is doubtlessly one of the most important texts of the last 500 years.

  3. Treatise On Good Works: Week 3 - Session 4

  4. Treatise On Good Works: Week 4 - Session 5

  5. Treatise on Good Works: Week 5 - Session 6

    Join Rev. Rhoades for this Adult Bible study on Martin Luther's "Treatise on Good Works" to better understnad how to build a trusting relationship with God.

  6. Treatise on Good Works: Week 6, Session 7

    This is the final bible study session on the Treatise of Good Works. However, we will start a new one in January!