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Rip Media Group Portfolio

Portfolio of Our Favorite Video Productions for our clients, and some, just for fun

Whiteboard Animation Video: Manatt Digital Media

Manatt Digital Media is a disruptive full-service digital media services business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, ranging from individuals to companies of every size and stage—start-up, growth, or mature public. They offer a one-stop shop for empowering venture capital, strategic business consulting and partnerships, aggressive and smart negotiating, and unchallenged direct access to A-list artists and global brands.

Manatt Digital Media does not have a specific product or service, so when they came to Rip Media Group in hopes for a video, we offered the perfect solution. We created a whiteboard animation that gives viewers a quick and efficient "run-down" of everything Manatt Digital Media has to offer.

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Producer: Maury Rogow
Writer/Director: Warren Tessler
Client: Manatt Digital Media

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