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Rip Media Group Portfolio

Portfolio of Our Favorite Video Productions for our clients, and some, just for fun

Line6 Guitar Amplifier Commercial: 3D Animation with Live Action hybrid

The Line 6 Amplifi 75 watt amplifier allows guitar enthusiasts to take their playing to the next level. With an all new five speaker design, players could really get a sense of their tone and playing like never before. Another tasteful aspect of this product is the built in bluetooth streaming. This allows users to connect their mobile phones, or other devices, straight to the amplifier. With that ability, players can control settings of the amp straight from their devices. This all new amplifier by Line 6 has truly changed the world of guitar playing.

RipMediaGroup created a hybrid live-action and motion graphic animation video to promote the new Line 6 amplifier. For this type of product, we felt that seeing live users interact with the amplifier would show audiences best how the features work and what they offer. A sleek animation design mixed in with the live action are assets you don’t often see. We here at RipMediaGroup like to stand out by showcasing our abilities in the video making world. This is a prime example of using multi-media elements to capture the attention of viewers and potential customers. Rip Media’s mission is to expand your business by creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns: motion graphic videos, whiteboard videos, live action video, interactive websites, search engine optimization, and social marketing.

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