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Rider Video

Rider Video films and produces personalised videos of cross country stages of eventing competitions.
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  1. Georgina Birrell riding MOBY 67 EV65 Geelong Horse Trials 2020.mp4

  2. Jessica Wade riding Whiskey Hunter 246 EvA80 Woady Yaloak Horse Trials 2019.mp4

  3. Alexandra Phelan riding Toby One Kenobi 94 Grade 2 Lilydale Horse Trials 2020.mp4

  4. Sharmayne Spencer riding HH DELUXE 4 CCN1 Wallaby Hill 3DE 2019.mp4

  5. Sharmayne Spencer riding HH FLAMBOUYANT 58 CCN1 Wallaby Hill 3DE 2019.mp4

  6. Courtney Fraser riding ROCKIN IT 163 CCI3-S Sydney International 3DE 2019.mp4