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Rider Video

Rider Video films and produces personalised videos of cross country stages of eventing competitions.
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  1. Georgina Corp riding HOLMEWOOD TOY STORY 89 BE90 Swalcliffe Park 2015.mp4

  2. Georgina Fisher riding BUSY BEE 200 Newcomers Lockington Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  3. Georgina Ridal riding SABREHILL SOLO 1322 BE90 Oasby(1) Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  4. Georgina Roberts riding REX RILANA 714 Novice Burnham Market 2015.mp4

  5. Georgina Williams riding CENTYFIELD CZAIA 896 PONY TRIALS Oasby(1) Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  6. Ginny Howe riding CORINTHIAN CLOVER 364 BE100 Swalcliffe Park 2015.mp4