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Rider Video

Rider Video films and produces personalised videos of cross country stages of eventing competitions.
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  1. Fiona Mitchell riding WANDEENPARK MONTEVIDEO 454 EA80 Wandin Park Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  2. Fleur Timmins riding Legally Blonde 90 G4 Pakenham Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  3. Flora Young riding BALLINAGORE QUALITY IMP 966 BE90 Oasby(1) Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  4. Frederika Pallister-Rehor riding INDIA VI 271 BE100 OPEN Oasby(1) Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  5. Gemma Clissold riding SIR BAXTER 318 EvA80 Tonimbuk Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  6. Gemma James riding Muskfield Bliss 74 Grade 3 Senior PCAT State Trials 2015.mp4