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Rider Video

Rider Video films and produces personalised videos of cross country stages of eventing competitions.
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  1. Emilie Chandler riding COOLEY ROLLER COASTER 178 NOVICE Oasby(1) Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  2. Josephine Schnaufer riding COLLIEN P 2 212 CIC 2-Star Belton International Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  3. Josephine Schnaufer riding BIONIC 585 Novice Belton International Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  4. Deborah Bradley riding ROUGE DELIGHT 397 EvA80 Wandin Park CIC 2014.mp4

  5. Jan Traynor riding Miss Daisy 400 Level4 HRCAV Top Teams Trophy Horse Trials 2015.mp4

  6. Tracey Savage riding BOOTS AN ALL 205 EvA95 Tonimbuk Horse Trials 2015.mp4