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Rider Video

Rider Video films and produces personalised videos of cross country stages of eventing competitions.
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  1. Laura Van Dinther riding Remy LeBeau 39 Level 2 HRCAV TTT Horse Trials 2019.mp4

  2. Jack Barker riding JB BABY 177 EvA95 Tooradin Horse Trials 2019.mp4

  3. Reese Smeath riding BB TEASPOON 240 EvA80 Tooradin Horse Trials 2019.mp4

  4. Chloe Palmer riding WOODBURY LOST IN THE MOMENT 203 EvA105 Equestriad National Eventing Championships 2017.mp4

  5. Nikki Genovezos riding Micro Mic 545 EvA80 Friends of Werribee Horse Trials 2019.mp4

  6. Laura Sundblom riding Suzy 15 Grade 5 Mansfield Horse Trials 2018.mp4