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Ministry Building Tips

Building a Christ-centered business or ministry is a fantastic way to spread the fame of the LORD and to bless many people. These videos are tips and practices that I have implemented to accomplish those good goals.

How to Format Articles to Reach the Largest Number of People

This video walks through how to reformat a previously written article on our site. In the beginning, I wrote articles quickly, paying less attention to editing and formatting.

Five website generations later, which required migrations from one site to the other, our articles need reformatting. We also are smarter about what makes a user-friendly post.

For these reasons, we implemented a five-year plan to bring all of our articles up-to-speed. This video illustrates the process as I give you a step-by-step process that includes article titles, SEO blurbs, Facebook debugger tool, tags, categories, keywords, SoundCloud formatting, editing with Grammarly, and placing articles on our Medium platform.

This video is not super-techy, and it would benefit any blogger who wants to put out a better product.

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