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Life Change Videos

These life change videos are approximately 10 minutes in length, (+/-). They deal with topical issues that are relevant to every believer. You're welcome to watch, download, and share these practical training videos with anyone.

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The Vital Steps of the Doctrine of Repentance

The doctrine of repentance is the Christian's "secret weapon" in that many believers do not know how to change. Imagine the joy and privilege of being free from your sin. But repentance is more than freedom from sin. In this seminar, I will look at some of the benefits of repentance that we receive through the gospel of Christ. This training will walk you through a practical step-by-step process of the critical elements. We'll look at the pitfalls and dangers of a lack of repentance as well as the transformative power that we find in the redemptive truths of the gospel. This presentation will enrich you personally as well as serve many of your friends. There is a 1-hour webinar of this presentation on our website. To learn more, go to RickThomas.Net

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