The Derryfield School: Passion and Possibilities

This three minute video offers an overview of the energy, passion, and personalized approach to teaching and learning that distinguish The Derryfield School. Quick cuts of students and teachers talking about their passions across a wide range of interests portray the school as a rich learning environment where everyone loves what they do--students and teachers alike. The video is literally propelled forward by music that slowly builds on a quiet tension toward a thrilling crescendo as members of the Derryfield community reflect on the value of the education. In the final section, several individuals "close the deal" from various perspectives: the openness of the school and how that helps accommodate a wide range of learners, the importance of educating the whole child, the value of writing, the difference an education that focuses on self discovery makes when it comes time to apply to college, the lifelong love of the Derryfield experience expressed by an alumnus. As if to provide a final exclamation mark on the how Derryfield transforms passion into possibility, the viewer learns in the final moments of the video that the great music that powers it forward was composed by a Derryfield alumnus.