Riot Rhythm - Sleigh Bells (Music Video)

Unofficial music video for the song "Riot Rhythm" by Sleigh Bells.

This project was a mash-up of an unreleased video I did for an LA indie artist and some photo-shoot behind the scenes footage I shot for Metal Magazine. I had created a story and narrative to combine with the bands performance centered on the girl character played by the gorgeous model Alex Papadopoulus. I liked the footage so much I decided to combine it with the video from the photoshoot of Alex in Joshua Tree and this is what came out.

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Directed by Ricardo Uhagón Vivas
Produced by WATERGUN.TV
Producer: Lucas R. de la Rua
Co-Producer: Erik Anderson
Director of Photography: Lyn Moncrief
Editor: Jorge Sandoval
Stylist (photo-shoot): Angela Esteban Librero
DoP (photo-shoot): Ricardo Uhagón Vivas
Alexandra Papadopoulos
William Knight
Erik Anderson
Jeff Evans
Josh Mervin
Sean Stentz
Assistant Director: Jason C. Brown
Art Director: Nora Schafer
Wardrobe: Zoe Metrano
Hair and Make-Up/ FXs: Myriam Arougheti & Camille Labry
Gaffer: Will Hemminger
Grip: Michael Lutter
P.A.'s: Stefan Pavlovic, Matias Mahia & Temra Pavlovic
Special thanks to Rick Grayson, Julia Soler, Nico Stai and Rafa Pavon.