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Ashton claims that she and Eric met back in 2005 although it is questionable as to when they first officially met. They have been Young Life leaders in different areas but have have always had alot of mutual friends. The past six years involved several times where Eric claims he wanted to ask Ashton out on a date, times where Eric ignored Ashton when she would say hello, some random text messages, times where Ashton watched Eric get kicked out of a church league softball game, cookouts, Young Life camps, and quite a few late nights of dancing at Yacht Rock and Johnny's Hideaway.

Fast forward to May of 2010 where Eric decided he would lay it all out there and asked Ashton out on a date (very publicly) in the middle of a party. While Ashton's face was pretty much beet red, she was intrigued, suspicious, and curious all at the same time. However, Ashton let Eric know that while she was flattered, she was not ready to go out with anyone that summer.

Eric understood, yet he did not give up. He spent the summer pursuing Ashton in a manner which exuded much patience and consistence on his part, yet displaying that same boldness she witnessed initially from him at that party. Throughout this pursuit Eric gained Ashton's deep respect. And, Ashton fell in love.

There's alot more to the story, but at the end of the summer when Ashton finally got home, they went on a date. It was soon there after that both knew that this time something was different.

I had always done photo slideshows for my friends rehearsal dinners in the past. This time Eric and Ashton allowed us the freedom to try something new. It was an honor to film them and their story.