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Arles, Les Rencontres de la photographie

Théâtre Antique 2008 — 2021


July 8, 2021, Théâtre Antiquen Arles.
Tune in to Radio Levania: in an initiatory sound session with subliminal video, ghostly figures from DESIDERATION tell of losing and desiring the stars. In the voice of Levania (pulsation of the stars), that of terrestrial Anamanda Sîn, and the nebulous voice of the Hostess, a polyphonic song of love and disaster is deployed in the dark of an Théâtre Antique built to incubate dreams.
A proposition by SMITH. Text: Lucien Raphmaj. Interpretation: Nadège Piton, Adrian Gebhart, François Chaignaud. Music: Victoria Lukas. Set: Diplomates.