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Renato Cabral

Diretor de Filmes - SP / BR
11 95303-1152 -

  1. Dust

    "Dust" is a short film that mixes poetry and visual drama to tell the story of Zen and Brooke; two souls connected by the same pain. Between the sky and the salt beds lies a world of dust; where sometimes, what is left is either death or a reminder of it.
    The reasons for choosing death are not always clear, but we can look deeper into the human vessels that reach this threshold.”

    Written and directed by - Renato Cabral
    Director of photography – Leo Kawabe
    Cast – Zen and Brooke Pascoe
    Soundtrack - Pedro Jaguaribe e Zé Godoy – Carbono Sound Lab
    Color grading – Serginho Pasqualino Jr – Bleach Post
    Post production – Rafael Hernandes, Ailton Piuí, Edson Costa, Herique Freitas, Danilo Lirav,
    Design – Rafael Monzillo

    Supported by:
    • Atlas Lens Co.
    • Buffalos Production Company
    • Bright Tangerine Matte Boxes
    • Tiffen Filters
    • Screw Japan
    • Delicatessen Filmes
    • Carbono Sound Lab
    • Belach Post

    Special Thanks:
    • Matthew Pickford
    • Jun Takizawa
    • Guilber Hidaka
    • Juan David de Jesus
    • Father Joseph Daniel
    • Saint Antony Coptic Orthodox Monastery
    • Fabio Delai
    • Gustavo Leme

  2. Love is a movie in Tokyo

    "Love is a queue. And we're the number that never gets called.
    The wait of a sleepless night. The cold feeling of abandonment.
    Never our turn."

    A film by Renato Cabral and Leo Kawabe

    written and directed - Renato Cabral
    director of photography- Leo Kawabe
    soundtrack - Pedro Jaguaribe e Zé Godoy - Carbono Sound Lab
    grading: Serginho Pasqualino - Bleach Filmes
    cast - Megumi Seki and Yulia Golovashchenko
    steadycam: Koji Scott Ishida
    first camera assistante: Yasumoto Yoshida
    voice over – Lavínia Lorenzon
    design – Rafael Monzillo
    supported by - Screw Inc. Japan
    post: Delicatessen Filmes
    post coordinator - Rafael Hernandes

  3. Hello Cidades - Motorola

    client: Motorola
    agency: f.Biz
    director: Renato Cabral
    director of photography: Leo Kawabe
    ad - Roberto Veiga
    gaffer - Beck
    montagem - Matheus Akari
    color - Serginho Bleach
    figurino - Camila Turrini
    arte - Ana Cestari
    trilha - A9
    produtora - Trator

  4. The Last Shot - Olympic Games Rio

    Renato Cabral - roteiro e direção
    Leo Resende Ferreira – direção de fotografia

  5. Cerveja Petra Origem

    Agência – Y&R
    Produtora - Delicatessen Filmes
    Direção – Renato Cabral
    Direção de Fotografia – Leo Kawabe
    Arte - Fernanda Schelp
    AD - Fabiana Luz
    Audio – Raw
    Color - Bleach

  6. Duracell - Night Bikers

    Cliente - Duracell
    Agência - David The Agency São Paulo
    Produtora: Trator Filmes
    Trilha Sonora: David Corcos e Koool G, Marroquino Music
    Direção: Renato Cabral
    Diretor de Fotografia: Fernando Bertoluci



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